Sports Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy

What is Massage?

Massage is recognised as a powerful and effective way of helping restore the body to health. Massage has developed over thousands of years and many cultures as a way of helping injuries, aches, pains and stress. Often we take our bodies for granted, however long work hours, repetitive activities and sports all take their toll.

The Treatment

The aim is to treat the body as a whole, thereby finding and eliminating all the residual tightness or blockages which can arise from physical or emotional stress. Massage has developed over centuries and many styles from different cultures exist. Our daily activities and sport create repetitive patterns that can lead to aches and pain, so everybody can use massage to create ease and good function for the body and posture. 

Massage is primarily seen as a preventative treatment of the soft tissues,  muscles, tendons, ligaments and all fascia. It is however good to use in conjunction with other modalities like osteopathy, acupuncture and physiotherapy after injuries and surgery.

Our aim is to soften, and create space so the body can align and strengthen to support your new found suppleness.

Case study:

We discuss your case by looking at how your injury or issue arose, previous episodes and other health factors that can contribute to your presentation.


The examination follows, including assessing you in a standing or seated posture, movements and palpating muscle or joint areas of concern. You will need to undress to appropriate underwear, shorts and crop top or a bikini for the ladies if preferred. 

We discuss the findings and design an individual treatment plan for you. We use different advanced techniques namely Soft Tissue Release, Muscle Energy Technique, PNF Stretching, Visceral and Neuro-Meningeal Myofascial Manipulation. Using a combination of styles and techniques provide the client with a full body approach for the best performance.

After care:

We may give you home care exercises to aid the recovery and maintain the benefits to prevent a recurrence. Repeat appointments will be necessary depending on the developmen and severity of the issue.

Sports massage:

A style of massage aimed at remedial techniques for specific issues. Advanced massage techniques are combined with basic Swedish massage movements. It is stronger than a general Swedish massage and we work according to your pain scale. Pain is not always gain!

Visceral and Neuro-meningeal manipulation:

This is a gentle myofascial technique used to address adhesions and scars, as well as restrictions around the organs and how they attach to the bony structure through thickened fascia. It comprises of abdominal or head palpation and gentle pressure with a small movement directed by the therapist. It is a great technique for migraines, tension headaches, jaw pain and whiplash injuries.

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