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When you have made your e-Clinic appointment with us you will receive an email from us which confirms the booking and contains a link to connect via zoom. This link should automatically open in your browser ...

Age is just a number

  ‘Age is just a number’ we are constantly told and as osteopaths we would particularly agree. We treat all ages from day one and our training shows us what to look for at each stage ...

How much exercise for health?

Being active is a key part of staying healthy, there is plenty of well intentioned advice on what we should be doing. But what does the science say? As expected is varies slightly by age etc, but everyone ...

What we see...

'What is the most common problem that you treat?' is one of the most frequently asked questions within our osteopathic practice. My first response is usually low back pain, followed by upper ...

TMJ Syndrome, a pain in the jaw

  TMJ Syndrome-a pain in the Jaw If you are suffering with TMJ pain or discomfort, acupuncture can help relieve the inflammation, pain and tension commonly associated with conditions of ...

Coccyx Pain

The Tiny tailbone and what to do?!   The coccyx or tailbone are four, fused vertebra at the end of the spine that can become injured or re-positioned in a fall, hard sit down or during pregnancy ...

Low Back Pain

LOW BACK PAIN   Low back (Lumbar) pain is common, affecting about one third of the UK adult population. Pain can be caused by damage to a wide variety of tissues including nerves, ligaments, ...

New Year, New You

A new year promises new plans, new challenges and new horizons. Many people rush to the gym to improve their health and fitness, perhaps plan the holiday of a lifetime or just want to continue enjoying ...

National Arthritis awareness week

National Arthritis Week, 9 – 16 October 2017 This week is National Arthritis Week. Arthritis is a common condition that is estimated to effect around 10 million people in the UK. Those living ...

Pete did It! The amazing run in his own words...

How I conquered The Chesil Bank.   After reading an article in a paper dating back to 1963 of two runners who had ran and completed the entire length of Chesil Beach, otherwise known as the ...

Run Chesil Beach. 18 miles 180 Billion Pebbles

  [Photo:Chesil Beach 2] [Photo:Chesil1] On Saturday 2nd September 2017 local elite runner Pete Roper will be running all 18 miles of Chesil Beach.  Eighteen miles, 180 billion ...

Care for Kids Growth

Watching children grow, learn and play is a great joy of parenthood. There can’t be many parents who have not been amazed at the speed of growth, learning and questioning of their children. Physically ...

Rotator Cuff and Impingement made simple!

We treat several cases of rotator cuff injuries every week, but what exactly is it? The shoulder, like the hip joint, is a ball in socket joint. But the shoulder can move far more than the hip and it ...

Practitioner turns patient

My clinic days can be a challenging mix; laughter and tears, pain, pins and needles, sciatica and neck ache.  But after 20 years in practice it is as important as ever to see things from the patient ...

Developments for Rheumatoid Arthritis

The treatment of Rheumatiod Arthritis has been one of the great successes on modern medicine. NHS treatment ranges from gold injections through to surgery and immune modulating anti-inflammitory drugs.  So ...

Poor and disturbed sleep

This link will direct you to a facebook video question and answer session with Katie Pande. Our herbalist is discussing the use of medical herbs to help with sleep disorders and poor sleep.

Turmeric; nature's anti-inflammitory

Turmeric, the super-spice! Plants are powerful. Just think about their vibrant colours, strong scents and resilience to the elements. They are our original medicine and are the base for many modern-day ...


  A hedgehog has over 5000 spines, we only have one, but it does have 33 vertebra,120 muscles, 220 ligaments,100 joints and 23 discs. The lower (lumbar) discs are over 11mm high and are made ...

What's the (trigger) point?

Whether practicing yoga or triathlon training, many of us experience muscular aches and pains. This may be due to the presence of trigger points in the muscles. Trigger points can be felt as painful ...

Sciatica in cyclists

With the summer cyclosportiv and other bike events looming, race preparation is well under way for many. Piriformis syndrome is a common cycling injury which effects cyclists during training. Piriformis ...

Text Neck

With seven out of ten children having access to a tablet computer and spending an average of 10.5 hours online per week, osteopath, Kevin Partridge at the Trinity Practice, Shaftesbury, is seeing an increase ...

New Year New You

New Year New you We all tend to feel a bit sluggish after the enjoyable rest and excesses of the festive season. January is often the month of establishing new exercise regimes and healthy ...

Welcome to Joanna Figg-Latham

Trinity practice would like to introduce a new osteopath to our team of registered complementary therapists at Bell Street. Joanna Figg-Latham is an experienced practitioner who has moved from Kent to ...

Katie Pande at Camexpo

Katie Pande, our medical herbalist will be a speaker at Camexpo in London, talking about the herbal benefits of Turmeric.

Katie Pande on the radio

Follow the link and click on the top radio program 14/7/15) Katie joins in at 15:45.  

Katie Pande, Medical Herbalist joins us

Katie is a fully qualified Medical Herbalist with a BSc degree in Herbal Medicine and is an insured member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH). Previous to studying Herbal Medicine, ...

A different approach to chronic knee pain

Wednesday afternoons at the Trinity Practice are a little different. Different in the sense that most of our patents are seen individually by one practitioner at a time, using a single treatment method. ...

Rehabilitation at SturFit gym

Thank you BVM Magazine for the coverage of SturFit Gym and our efforts to improve the level of rehabilitation offered in the community. Full article here...BVM Magazine

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