What's the (trigger) point?


Whether practicing yoga or triathlon training, many of us experience muscular aches and pains. This may be due to the presence of trigger points in the muscles.

Trigger points can be felt as painful points or nodules in muscles. Pressing on trigger points can cause referred pain, so the pain may not be in the area where you are pressing.

Often there is a ‘twitch response’. The twitch response is a visible twitch in the muscle as you press across the tender point. This is different from spasm when the whole length of the muscle contracts.

There are several commonly found trigger points within the hip which may cause leg pain, there are more around the shoulder and neck muscles which may cause headache and face pain.

Treatment can consist of trigger point therapy, massage, acupuncture or teaching exercises on a foam roller.

Osteopaths are trained to diagnose and treat trigger points throughout the body. Our team at the Trinity Practice could help. 01747851726

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