Developments for Rheumatoid Arthritis


The treatment of Rheumatiod Arthritis has been one of the great successes on modern medicine. NHS treatment ranges from gold injections through to surgery and immune modulating anti-inflammitory drugs. 

So it is great to see that the BMJ (British Medical Journal)  has just published a study showing that regular consumption of fish can aslo help. Yes, I hear the shouts of 'we knew that', but to see our empirical wisdom backed up by scientific research can only be a positive move, help to create a more holistic approach.

We have been treating people with arthiritis for years. Helping people manage their pain and improve their ability to do daily tasks, be that gardening, golf, sports or just putting on their socks in the morning.

We achieve this through a variety of techniques, massage for stiff and tight muscles, exercises to help to mobilise joints and increase range of movement. Electro acupuncture can help to reduce pain, we even have a special low cost clinic dedicated to the treatment of knee arthritis. Information is available on our home page.

Our Medical Herbalist Katie Pande will also offer advice and herbal medicine, to help joint swelling, joint pain and stiffness that result from arthritis.

There is no one cure for arthritis, but by creating lots of little changes life can become a lot more comfortable. Make that first little change by calling us at the Trinity Practice to see how we can help. 01747851726

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