Practitioner turns patient


My clinic days can be a challenging mix; laughter and tears, pain, pins and needles, sciatica and neck ache. 

But after 20 years in practice it is as important as ever to see things from the patient perspective. After all it’s not me suffering.

Until the other weekend that is.

Enjoying the down hill mountain bike trails at the local bike park, the sun was out and the atmosphere was relaxed. However, not paying enough attention to my biking I landed heavily from a jump onto my shoulder, causing a crack and rather a lot of shoulder pain.

A quick drive to Salisbury Hospital confirmed the obvious; one collar bone in three bits. Modern pain killers really are marvellous!

But what really struck me during my (now two) trips to the hospital was the time and care that the very busy nurses, doctors and other staff give. 

So thank you to the fantastic staff at Salisbury District Hospital not just for helping my shoulder so much, but also for showing us how fantastic patient care can be.

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