Coccyx Pain


The Tiny tailbone and what to do?!


The coccyx or tailbone are four, fused vertebra at the end of the spine that can become injured or re-positioned in a fall, hard sit down or during pregnancy and birth. Soreness or more severe pain is felt if you sit on hard chairs and it can often hurt when you go to the toilet. Coccyx pain may continue for a long time if left untreated.


In sports massage after assessing movement of the lower back, feet and hips, I work to ease the muscles attaching to the pelvis and hips by doing targeted stretches or frictioning into the deeper muscles or ligaments. This softens them and allows the bones to adjust.  On a gentler note and if it feels acute pain, I include Barral Institute Visceral myofascial techniques. I look to soften any attachments or scarring to the organs in the pelvis that might be pulling them out of alignment as well as balancing the ligaments around the sacrum bone and the coccyx. This allows the muscles, ligaments and nerves to unwind old positions and habits. I aim to create a balance so that no twisting or hiking up of the hips occur, thereby helping posture overall too.


Herbal medicine provides a wealth of natural anti-inflammatories and pain-killers that can prove invaluable for all kinds of musculoskeletal pain, including coccyx pain. A combination of ginger, turmeric and boswellia (frankinsence) are a classic combination. All three are natural anti-inflammatories, reducing the production of enzymes that increase inflammation. Ginger is a hot and pungent herb which improves circulation throughout the body, but will also help remove inflammation from the site of damage. Boswellia is a very traditional herb used in Indian medicine and is an excellent pain-killer, specific for pain seated within the musculoskeletal tissues.


The way acupuncture works, effective treatment of this condition can happen by treating away from the site of the pain, with points on the arms, so no needles are needed in the area of the coccyx itself. Acupuncture treatment can reduce inflammation, tenderness, bruising and general discomfort in this area, helping and speeding up recovery.

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