Age is just a number



‘Age is just a number’ we are constantly told and as osteopaths we would particularly agree. We treat all ages from day one and our training shows us what to look for at each stage of life. Certain conditions are more common for certain age groups but I object to aches and pains being automatically attributed to ‘its your age’. Some wear and tear is inevitable, particularly with certain genetic factors or work and lifestyle choices but it’s not guaranteed that this will cause pain for everyone. 


For those that do struggle with arthritic symptoms, osteopathy can be a great help. As osteopaths, we don’t look to change or cure the joint damage but we can help your body cope better with it. We aim to improve the mobility of joints and relax surrounding muscles. We can recommend exercises to suit you and your lifestyle. Mobility is so important and the most inspiring patients I see in their 80s and 90s are the ones who keep active.


I’m very fortunate to have chosen a career that I love, it has huge variety and every day is different. There is no better feeling than a patient telling me they feel better and being able to see them move more freely or get back to an activity they thought they would have to give up. I have been in practice for nearly 25 years and it’s still the best job. 


Emma Chippendale-Ceely AKA "Chip"


At the Trinity Practice in Shaftesbury, we have osteopaths available every day during the week as well as an acupuncturist, a medical herbalist and a soft tissue therapist. Please give us a call on 01747 851726 to discuss your problems and see if we can help.  

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