Bone & Joint week


Bone and Joint Week


Joints allow our skeleton to move. A joint consists of a bone with cartilage at the end that bears against another bone with cartilage. All this is parcelled up in a bag (a joint capsule made out of a ligament like tissue) and the cartilage is soaked in oil (synovial fluid). Ligaments support the joint and muscles move the joint by pulling on tendons.


Over the age of 40 arthritis is the most common cause of joint pain, under the age of 40 pain normally comes from injury. This can be a slow sprain for example from prolonged sitting or an injury resulting from a fall or sporting activity.

Other causes

All the tissues around a joint can also cause pain; bursitis, tendonitis, muscle tear and nerve impingement. Conditions such as fibromyalgia, osteoporosis and chondromalacia may also result in joint pain.


Often the pain will resolve within three days without help. Sometimes however,  it is important to get advice, particularity if you have a red, swollen or hot joint.  Rapid assessment is essential if you have experienced serious injury, the joint looks deformed, has swollen up very quickly, or if the joint is immobile or you’re in severe pain.


We can diagnose by talking about the history of your injury or joint pain followed by performing a physical exam and using standardised tests to assess. Special tests such as imaging or bloods may also be required. Your diagnosis and the best course of action will be discussed with you to ensure you understand the diagnosis and any course of action advised.


Treatment is aimed at easing the symptoms to improve your quality of life, or resolving the problem completely. Treatment can include rehabilitation or general exercise advice for medium to long term improvement and acupuncture, ultrasound or strapping for short to medium term improvement. Direct techniques such as massage and manipulation alongside medication and supplement advice can also help and may form part of your recovery program.

At the Trinity Practice we will always discuss your diagnosis and agree on a treatment program that will work for you.

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