Spraining an Ankle can be a Real Headache ......


Spraining an Ankle can be a Real Headache…..

As osteopaths we often use the phrase ‘it's all connected’ when explaining the causes and resultant aches and pains of many different types of injury - not just relating to back pain - anything from head and neck symptoms to plantar fasciitis or a sprained ankle.Ankle sprains are very common and can take a frustratingly long time to recover. The resulting ligamentous laxity that can remain often causes a recurring inversion strain - sometimes even before the initial injury has fully healed

Another result is an alteration of gait - limping initially and then walking in the most comfortable way possible which may mean weight bearing through the foot and leg differently to minimise pain. This process may go on for several weeks or even months, possibly becoming a sub-conscious alteration of posture and gait.

Even when the ankle feels ok, other symptoms may develop elsewhere in the body as a result of this, for example, a tension headache due to muscles being overworked on one side of the neck and upper back - a long way away from the ankle and often a long time after the initial injury occurred.

As osteopaths, we are trained to not only treat injuries at the site of pain, but to look at the body as a whole and find the underlying reasons as to why the problem has developed. If this can also be addressed, there is more chance of full recovery and less likelihood of recurrence.

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