International Women’s Day has given me the chance to reflect on the importance of the many women present within my working life.

I am very lucky to have a job that I love - being able to help people with physical problems such as back and joint pain. Sometimes, in order to gain maximum benefit for our patients, we need help and advice from other practitioners.

At the Trinity Practice, as well as our two women osteopaths, myself and Emma Childs, we also have Paula - a soft tissue therapist offering a different approach to treatment.

There is also a fantastic larger network of women therapists in our local area.

We often recommend consulting with a personal trainer such as Pip Johnson who we work collaboratively with. We can provide her with relevant information (with the patients permission) to get the best out of an exercise programme. We currently ‘share’ several patients enabling the reinforcement of each others work to their benefit.

We also frequently suggest a course of pilates to maintain, strengthen and improve physical wellbeing which has proven successful in maintaining patient health. This is often thanks to Vicci Gilett - a highly experienced teacher.

For the mind, we may suggest Clea Stanley who works locally as a counsellor. Many patients have issues relating to anxiety, stress or depression. Although stress may not directly cause pain, it can alter the way we breathe and move - both of which can lead to physical symptoms. By addressing both areas, some people may recover more quickly and fully.

Our local nutritionists Rebecca Vincent and Lisa Smith both work with our patients to improve the physiology or inner workings of their bodies. For example, there has been a lot of media coverage concerning the menopause recently and with nutritional guidance, symptoms such as fatigue, sugar control and weight issues may be helped.

This underpins our work here - a healthy, well functioning body tends to respond more quickly and successfully to treatment.

Encourage a gender equal world free of bias, stereotypes and discrimination, where difference is valued and celebrated.

Have a great International Women’s Day.

Emma Chippendale Ceely

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