A different approach to chronic knee pain


Wednesday afternoons at the Trinity Practice are a little different. Different in the sense that most of our patents are seen individually by one practitioner at a time, using a single treatment method. And, in a usual treatment, a patient pays around £40 for each treatment. However, we decided that, for a couple of hours on Wednesdays, we would try a different way of addressing the problem of long-standing knee pain, in patients who have osteoarthritis, and who may be waiting for a knee replacement operation. People in this situation often need weekly treatment over a long period of time, and this can become expensive.

One solution to this is our Wednesday afternoon clinic - treatment in a group setting, with two practitioners, at only £18. Acupuncture treatment has been demonstrated to work well for knee pain in this way and, in the two years we have been using this method, we have found it to be very popular. If you like, you could give it a try. You will need to book - to do so, ring The Trinity Practice on 01747 851726.

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